Yes you’ve raised an interesting point.

The question is, how important are Instagram models? Or, are they important at all?

People like the mentioned philosopher Peter Singer, are crucial to society because of their contributions, on Animal Liberation, among other very important topics.

I do like that you mentioned society imploding on itself ethically because of the obsession of these things.

For me, I think that noticing these phenomenons occurring in culture, is the first step of it imploding on itself.

Interesting points! And it is definitely worth a long discussion. You’ve earned a following. Also, I’d love if you explored these topics in a blog post. I’ll be following you, so I’ll probably see it sooner or later! Feel free to forward the blog post to my email:

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Author of “Up in the Air: Christianity, Atheism & the Global Problems of the 21st Century” on AMAZON | Exploring Ethical Living | IG: jakub.ferencik.official

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