What I’ve Learnt By Writing 200 Blog Posts

Doing it for the money? You’ll be disappointed. Write for the community that is on Medium.

If not for other people, write for yourself. Writing is a form of therapy.

Writing is a great investment in yourself and a fabulous use of your time.

Who cares if other people read what you think? This is an age of discovery. If you’re young you have nothing to lose! Write for the sake of exploring topics you’ve always wished you’d explore but never had the time to.

Since I’ve started writing my blog, whenever I am reading an article or book, I always make sure to make notes/ take screenshots (if I’m reading on my phone), so that I can come back to it and write a blog post about my thoughts.

This blog post is not going to be your regular: HEY CHECK OUT THIS 10 STEP LIST.

No. This is simply going to be the number one things I’ve learnt by having a blog. It’s actually very simple.

The Number 1 Thing I’ve Learnt Is That the Community is More Valuable Than the Views

I’ve met some INCREDIBLE people on this platform. I am very grateful for all their feedback and articles.

I still remember the first handful I was in touch with. Their encouraging words, strategy, and punctuality inspired me.

In this post, I will be giving shout-outs to people that have helped me along the way, bloggers that I continue to read, come back to, and am still in touch with (mostly.)

Zak Slayback, for example, kept responding to my tweets to him. He’s opened the door to my view on communicating to writers.

Tom Kuegler almost singlehandedly taught me how to blog. His Newsletter is one of the best things on Medium. And his blog posts are on point. He’s not exactly what I want to become by using this platform. But he’s being himself and he’s owning it. He’s doing very well.

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Enrique Fiallo was nice to reference me in one of his blogs about motivating other writers to keep writing. We bounced a couple of responses back and forth, which I am also very thankful for.

Zat Rana is definitely one of the best philosophical voices on Medium. He writes well and takes time to respond to comments. He also does not shy away from encouraging other writers.

Joao Nascimento continuously provides constructive criticism to my blog posts. I love responding to what he has to say and adjusting my blogs in accordance to his views. I truly value all he has to say. I also plan on working closely with him in the future, especially on our publication: The Humanists of Our Generation, which seeks to highlight reflective voices on this platform.

Jennifer Taylor took the time to respond to my email to her asking her advice on pursuing a law degree. GUYS! I mean… If people aren’t humbled by stuff like this — then who are you? You must out of this world. Since then, we have exchanged a couple back & forth.

Zachary Forget is one of those gents that I connected with early on. We still keep in touch and encourage each other from time to time. Man.. I bet if I asked him how to set up a Newsletter, he’d take the time to send me a detailed email to get through it. And check it out… I don’t personally know him, nor have I spoken to him. Our dialogues are through Medium alone. That is the what this platform is about, it lets you connect to a community of aspiring thinkers and writers.

Matt McAlexander is one of the more recent connections I’ve made. He pointed out some mistakes I’ve made in my most popular blog post on the Bret Weintein Controversy. His attitude and helpful advice was very beneficial to me. I instantly went to his blog page and was surprised he didn’t write more. I wish he did. The one piece I read was incredible, though. Truly analytical and personal. I love personal blogs like that one.

I stumbled across another personal blog by Melissa Webb who provided a heartfelt response to my blog post on keeping positive in the pursuit of a career in the arts.

There are incredible people that have gone through a lot on this website. The popular professors, Heather Heying and her husband Bret Weinstein, are among considerable mentions. These two are actually some of the most important voices of this decade and they are Medium.

My most popular post The Controversy of Bret Weinstein Explained is about what happened to Prof. Weinstein and his wife, why they were fired, ad why they’re “intellectual celebrities” at the moment.

I do not cover every area possible. At least their case is being discussed.

Nonetheless, it is a great privilege to be able to have people like this read your content.

You get the idea. There’s many more I can mention. People on this platform ARE FANTASTIC.

Medium is where the attention is at the moment.

What Are We Writing For?

It does not matter whether we make it big. I believe that it is important to write and reflect.

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Imagine if everyone was doing what you are doing. That is, imagine if everyone in the world took the time to reflect on serious issues. What would the world look like? Why don’t we find that interesting?

I don’t want to get paid for this. I don’t think I ever wanted to. I want to see people like this living life and bouncing ideas off of each other.

Writing on Medium is invaluable and revolutionary.

I am thankful for this medium (pun intended) and everyone who is on it.

It’s all about the work. Let’s keep working.

See you at 200.


If you want to read my previous milestone….. Check it out below. It’s a detailed account into the various different things I’ve written about for the past 8 months from Religion, Politics, Books, Travelling, to Writing.

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I write to keep you thinking and to keep me thankful and reflective. Cheers and until next time,

keep reflecting.

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