Vladimir Putin & the Struggle Against Democracy

“The best reason to stop Putin today is perfectly simple: it will only get harder tomorrow” (Garry Kasparov)

⁣⁣The Genesis: The Bombing of Moscow

It started in 1999, where bombings in Moscow were blamed on Chechnyan rebels which provoked Putin to launch a horrific bomb-raid of the Chechen capital, killing tens of thousands of civilians. This act of war only solidified Putin’s popularity ratings with the Russian people because of the propagandizing machine Putin put in place. Today, it is known that these bombs in Moscow were planted by the FSB, which Putin put into motion (From Russia With Blood 61).


Putin continues to kill, however. Consider the “curious” assassination of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, the 13th journalist killed under Putin’s regime (162–3). Putin in response said that Politkovskaya was a “very minor” figure who had “no influence on political life” (163). His remarks show the value he places on human life.


In brackets are page numbers included for the books that I was quoting. I recommend them both. Here are links to my reviews of both books (On Instagram):

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