Very well researched!

I used to live in England (Portsmouth & Oxford) and I have a duo citizenship (Slovakian & Canadian). It was a big question for me what leaving the EU actually means for those of us who want to return.

The UK is a fabulous place, it is a shame that this separation is still happening. Ever from what you’ve said: a financial position — it doesn’t seem very reasonable.

I’d love if you did a follow up post answering how some of these questions got resolved/the outcome of them. I am very interested. I’m following you, so I’ll probably get the notification once we’ll be able to observe this.

  1. Will EU citizens already settled in the UK have to leave the country?
  2. Will house prices drop? Will businesses quit the EU or the UK?
  3. How will the pricing of goods and services be affected?
  4. Will work permits be required for EU citizens in a point system similar to Australia?
  5. Will free movement be possible?
  6. What about the future of Gibraltar?
  7. What about the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland? Will it resemble Calais?

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