Vast Majority of World Leaders Demand a Temporary Pause in Israel — Netanyahu Isolated Domestically & Abroad

Jakub Ferencik
10 min readNov 19, 2023

Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has never been less popular. His geopolitical and moral miscalculation of the bombing of Gaza have isolated him both domestically and internationally.

The war effort is costing the Israeli economy about $260m daily, according to Bloomberg. As a result, 300 prominent Israeli and foreign economists urged Netanyahu’s government to “immediately come to your senses.”

Both international and domestic public opinion is turning against Netanyahu and his war effort against Hamas, which is catching the majority of Palestinians living in Gaza in the crossfire. Nearly all of the two million Palestinians living there have been displaced, as the death toll in Gaza continues to mount.

Domestically, Israelis alike are bewildered by the catastrophic intelligence failure of October 7th. Internationally, with mounting pressure from demonstrations, world leaders are starting to criticize what many call “collective punishment.”

French President Emmanuel Macron was one of the first to say that he was among the first to remind Netanyahu of the limits international law puts on liberal democracies. Another vocal critic of Netanyahu’s response is Brazil’s President, Lula da Silva. Other world leaders also support a longer temporary ceasefire in Gaza.

The argument is that Israel has the right to defend itself but that, as a liberal democracy, it must adhere to international laws — despite (1) previous violations from the international community and (2) the fact that they have been victims of terrorism.

Biden’s administration was quick to remind Netanyahu of the lessons the U.S. learned in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Netanyahu is at the time of writing not willing to learn, however. He wants to save a rapidly deteriorating political career. After months of protest against his changes to the judiciary in Israel, his historical preference for Hamas over other Palestinian political authorities, and now an intelligence failure of insurmountable proportions, Netanyahu has failed to serve and protect his people.

“The war is not going to end with the great victory that Israelis have been led to believe … And when that letdown sets in, you…



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