Should Bloggers Publish 5 Times a Week?

Not everyone should be writing everyday. Before you decide to go all in — observe, listen, & consider what drives you. Here’s some tips to consider.

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Have the Right Motivation to Write

I have written more about this in the past. But I really do think that we have a moral obligation to be vocal about things that matter in today’s world.

There’s no point in being silent anymore.

There are a lot of very harmful people that are being vocal, they are getting audiences because a lot of the more intelligent people are slower to speak.

It’s as Bertrand Russell said,

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.

There is a lot of wisdom in being slow to answer and careful about one’s opinions. Why not instead of not giving answers, be humble enough to say that your opinion could just be a temporary one and that it may change.

Or simply admit that you know less about the topic than you would like to.

You may get exhausted — but that’s the good part. The human body is capable of amazing things especially adopting. If you adapt and adapt and adapt, you will be wanting to post 5 times a week, or everyday. It’s like your fix of drugs.

I know that that has become true for myself. I write all the time, everyday. And I have now published 104 blogs (over 130,000 words) in the span of 8 months.

How Often Should You Post, if You Want to Make it?

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If you really want to see if you’ll be able to make it in some field, I think the only logical test to apply is: how much do you really like the task you are trying to succeed at?

Let me get very personal here.

I love playing guitar. I don’t love playing guitar as much as I like to write. I don’t like playing guitar as much as John Mayer does. That is why John Mayer went to Berklee and I went to study Philosophy.

You need to be really honest with yourself: What do you most enjoy?

Find that thing. It could be a number of things. I don’t think we should just specialize in one area. That may have been true in the 80s, but nowadays everyone needs to know a lot about everything (setting up a website, writing well, designing posters, fixing your computer, how to work out well, etc.).

We all have to be good at a lot of things if we want to live life well.

Knowing How to Write Well is a Win-Win Scenario

Communication is very important in every domain. That is why I think that focusing on writing is never wasting your time.

No matter what you go into, you will always be able to apply communicating well, in it.

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Whether you are a musician and talking about your album, a business man in need of selling a product, a politician, a parent, a friend — in every area of life knowing how to communicate well is valued.

Write, write, write.

It’s as Tom Kuegler blogger writes:

But I realized a little while ago that to be successful as a blogger, you have to write a ton of content. Like, a lot.

I started spending my evenings writing, then researching how to write better headlines, then researching how to create a Wordpress blog, then writing some more.

Write a lot for the Sake of Humanity

And I took Jon Westenberg’s advice.

Plan what you’re going to write on paper first. Target 400 words to start. Deliver useful lessons. Spend equal time writing and editing. Publish at the same time each day, week or month and be religious about it. It’s how communities are born.

It’s no longer optional to think publicly. I do this by writing my blog each week. I am holding myself responsible for the opinions that I have and want to express.

If anything, write for your friends. Write so the people in your life that you care about are cared for.

Read and then write.

Absorb and then deliver.

There are so many great things you can be focusing on. Make sure you prioritize the good things.


With that being said, I really do think that context matters.

You should not be publishing 5 times a week if all you want is money for yourself. If you really only want money for yourself, then how will you be able to work for the people?

Entertainers need to realize this: YOU ARE DEPENDENT ON YOUR AUDIENCE.

Every waking moment of your existence needs to be filled with deep gratitude over the fact that people are attentive to your work.

You also need to realize that you are an entertainer. This type of success is not individual, it’s collectivistic in nature. You are remarkable — only if people decide you are remarkable.

Love the Work

Stephen King doesn’t work for the money. He works for the work.

Ryan Holiday said something similar in his book Ego is the Enemy, “Work. Work. Work.” It’s all about the work.

Ed Sheeran never wanted fame & recognition. In interviews he admitted that he only thought he’d be a middle class musician. He just loved the work so much that he spent a full year playing gigs everyday — sometimes 4 gigs a day.

You don’t do that if you’re in it for the money.

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John Mayer is relentless in his pursuit of perfection in music not because of money. He adored blues music. He did it for the grit & honesty of good soul music. He started recording music because he wanted to follow in the path of the greats before him: Albert King, Muddy Watters, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, & BB King, to name a few.

None of these successful people would have made it if they were in it solely for the money.

How would J. K. Rowling be able to endure the difficult years of financial strife without loving the craft of writing?

How would Ed Sheeran bare being homeless in the early stages of his career?

How would John Butler play on the street for years, if he truly did not love his pursuit?

Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to do. If it doesn’t come naturally, then you are probably not going to excel in it. And if you can’t excel in it, you are probably not going to make it.

If that’s the case you probably shouldn’t be writing 5 blogs a week. Take some time to discover what you are truly passionate about.

Good luck! And let me know what you thought in the comments below. I love having conversations with the readers.

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