Putin “Admits” Russia Wants Peace — Here’s Three Reasons He’s Lying

Jakub Ferencik
6 min readJun 15, 2024

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky was at the Recovery Conference in Berlin on 11–12 June and is presently at Ukraine’s Peace Summit in Switzerland held over the weekend from 15–16 June, 2024.

While Ukraine is at the Swiss peace conference with world leaders and presidents from the G7 as well as from at least 90 other countries, Vladimir Putin is making his typical allegations that all Russia wants is peace in Ukraine.

Of course, to many of us it’s abundantly clear that Putin is lying just as he was when he promised in 2021 — and in 2013, for that matter — that he was “not invading Ukraine” and that such accusations are proof that the West is Russophobic.

Evidently, Putin has a habit of promising things that turn out to be blatant falsities.

So, I thought we should take the time to look at three reasons why Putin is lying.

“Putin has occupied, illegally occupied, sovereign Ukrainian territory. He is not in any position to dictate to Ukraine what they must do to bring about peace.” — US Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin

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