Progress and How to Get Better

The learning is the therapy.

As with most aspects of the self, progress is difficult to observe. As ‘persons’ we are rarely able to step outside of the bubble of the self and reflect correctly on our success or failure at progress.

However, progress is perhaps among the most important realities of life.

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We’d like to develop in our ability to listen to close friends, play music, or get the most out of a good book. Change, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is inevitable. We just never perceive it. So, it is easy to be harsh with oneself when we continuously stumble into the same obstacles.

When recording guitar, for example, I have to take the same video 15–20 times (depending on how much I am familiar with it) and often towards the end of playing it, I am disappointed with the way it sounds. Recently, in a conversation, a close friend pointed out to me that focusing clearly on a difficult task like stacking coins sideways without letting them fall can actually be therapeutic as he gets lost in thought, whilst deeply focusing. The same applies to practice.

There’s not much else you can focus on if you’re playing a section of a verse if you aren’t familiar with it. And therefore it is therapeutic. You can get lost in progress. It’s never an area of focus. It needn’t be. The results are not what you focus on.

The learning is the therapy.

The way you perceive your lack of progress could be arbitrary, then. Progress for the sake of therapy is really what most of the practice should be about.

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