Perhaps it was not clear from the article. What is implied by the title is that these 10 books are what Christians should read in order to ‘lose’ their faith.

These are the 10 books that I provide in defense of my own absence of belief.

I agree with what you said about Christianity and the lack of questioning mostly. And I appreciate you saying that and furthering the discussion.

I look forward to reading your book. Perhaps you would be available for a quick interview about it in the future? I would love to review it and feature it to my followers here on Medium. Do you have an email I can contact you on about the details, if you are willing?

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Author of “Up in the Air: Christianity, Atheism & the Global Problems of the 21st Century” on AMAZON | Exploring Ethical Living | IG: jakub.ferencik.official

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