Who are you?

What comprises ‘you’?

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Who is it that comprises your perception of ‘you’? Would you say your experiences are ‘you’? Or is it your knowledge that defines ‘you’?

Maybe your concept of ‘self’ is a combination of experience & intellect?

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What if your perception of your ‘self’ is compromised by a set of uniquely bad days or circumstances? How could you trust it? We’ve all met grumpy individuals. Grumpiness in their life is regular & justifiable — it never seems like it’s necessary to limit. We’ve also all had bad days. In them, anger is as persuasive as happiness in fortunate days. During bad days, you can clearly conceptualize a negative view of your ‘self’ but it’s compromised by “negativity.” Why should we take it seriously, then?

That is all to say that when discussing your own perception of the world, you must consider the fact that your commentary on the world is explicitly subject to inaccuracy. We think we understand ourselves & others but really we heavily rely on a concept of us that we don’t understand. This is exemplified when we start questioning what the ‘self’ is. Maybe the ‘self’ is worth throwing away forever.

The question is: how?

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