New to Medium? — What Should You Blog About?

“I write because there is some lie that I want to expose. . . . My starting point is always a feeling of partisanship, a sense of Injustice.” — George Orwell (“On Writing”)

I have been noticing that there are a lot of new people on Medium. I wanted to write an accessible blog post (that wasn’t for members only) for all the newcomers here with topics that people may be interested in.

A lot of people have a fear of starting a blog for the reason that they doubt their ability to write about new content on a regular basis. Are you running out of ideas? Well, you don’t have to be.

I have been publishing consistently for almost a year now and have released over 180 blog posts. I feel like I’ve barely touched the surface of the vast amount of topics I should explore. What drives me is a sense of responsibility — I feel an obligation to write.

So, I’ve gathered a handful of suggestions for you. If you write on these topics, forward them to me! I DEEPLY want to read more about all these issues and look for these topics on a daily basis.

1. Interpersonal Skills

An interesting topic to write about is what employers are searching for in employees nowadays. Write about:

  • Interpersonal skills,
  • critical thinking,
  • good writing,
  • and developing communications skills.

A lot of people are interested in these topics and need guidance on these issues — I know I do.

We are all developing constantly and have a lot of ambitions/things we want to do. Get it out there. Study a lot. Read a lot. Use these opportunities to educate yourself. What are your other options? To watch Netflix? Come on! You’re better than that!

2. Artificial Intelligence

With all the research and books written about AI, I believe a lot of people are asking questions like:

  • “Where will all the jobs go?”
  • “What should future generations look to study if they wish to get employed by employers?”
  • “What are employers looking for in the 21st century and how in particular will AI change that market?”

I have written three blog posts on this topic and I find it fascinating. I remember that when I discovered AI (a year ago — I know — pretty late to the game), I was terrified. Many people share that fear.

Study it so that you get ahead of the game. It’s coming, so we should prepare for whatever ethical implications it will have for our culture.

I truly believe that in 20 years everyone will be talking about AI constantly, especially with rapid developments in AI.

3. Studying & Education

The nature of our educational system is rapidly changing. People are almost required to become polymaths nowadays.

You have to know how to do basic plumbing in the house, basic graphic designing for your website, writing for your essays, proper running for your health, communication skills for your jobs.People are expected to understand basic medicinal procedures, a handful of languages, etc.

Careers change frequently throughout our lives. Write about that! I have found some fascinating polymaths on Medium. It is definitely a growing phenomenon, especially since we can write about it at length. Medium has given many people a voice. Contribute to that.

4. Business Ethics & Philosophy

My last suggestion will be something that I think is most lacking on Medium …

I believe that a philosophical perspective (methods of critical thinking and a vocabulary in different views on Knowledge, Morality, and Political Systems) of the world, will have the potential to change so much. Maybe I am ambitious in this regard.

Nonetheless, I believe we should focus our attention on the great minds that have defined various different political systems and seek to gain the good and dismiss the bad.

As Karl Marx said:

Peter Singer helpfully interprets this statement in his Introduction to Marx:

“What Marx is saying is that the problems of philosophy cannot be solved by mere interpretation of the world as it is, but only by remolding the world to resolve the philosophical contradictions inherent in it. Philosophy is crucial because it points to the problems that can be overcome only by changing the world.”

I really think that with the proper methods (developed since the Ancient Greeks) we will be able to positively change the nature of corporate greed, capitalism (and other political systems), free speech, family relations, our unhealthy obsession with celebrity culture and the american dream, and other important matters that need resolutions.

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If you are already writing about this and want to contribute to the philosophical community here on Medium, reach out to me on my email: I am looking for writers that want to contribute to our (Joao Nascimento) publication The Humanists of Our Generation.

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I write to keep you thinking and to keep me thankful and reflective. Cheers and until next time,

keep reflecting.

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