It tasted good. He drank strong, black coffee.

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Her body was warm, they were hugging. It was a dark and yet very bright night, making them feel isolated and alone, despite a shack full of screams and laughter being very close. Everyone was either sleeping or telling each other stories near the campfire. They seemed as the most loving couple, talking for hours, while holding hands or just enjoying each other’s presence. Gently she put her lips on his cheek, her lips were small and soft, and she kissed him, making a tiny little noise. He embraced her with a long, warm hug. His body tingled with delight, he remembered telling himself that he did not want to leave her after the summer, he held her more firmly, he did not want these wonderful moments to end.

She was of a small figure, with the softest hands, little fingers, and brown eyes, almost as dark as her skin. She put her hand into his hand and he felt how warm and small and soft her hand was and they made their way, walking through the forest on a lonely road towards the campfire. She said that they shouldn’t be doing this, due to him leaving, either way they continued, and he just laughed at her statement. There was no one at the campfire, only a dying, red, hot fire.

The warmth of her body, the love of her hug, the heat of the fire — there was not a more magical night. “Can I kiss you?” he asked, after hesitating for a few seconds. She wavered, surprised, she said that she needed to think about it, eventually she said no. Either way, he was really proud of himself, how could he not be? He just asked the most amazing girl if she would embrace a kiss from him.

A few weeks passed by, laying by her in bed, looking at each other straight in the eyes, touching each other’s lips gently, she stopped and said in a rather tempting voice, “Stop. It makes me want to kiss you.” He joked about him wanting that. After a while she started to cry, she said that she doesn’t want him to leave, that she was confused. In a strong and gentle voice, he said that he would never leave her, and that he would always be there for her. She stopped sobbing and asked, “may I?” He nodded and gave her an understanding look (not completely sure why) and she kissed him, they both took a deep breath and wanted to prolong the kiss. After a while they slowly separated and happily looked at each other, and automatically started kissing again.

He stopped drinking coffee with milk after coming to this place.

It was the brightest of days, with broken eyes, he was sitting behind his desk, alone, in his room, gazing through the window, without a sound. The taste he had in his mouth reminded him of the magical night. He was drinking coffee with milk the day they kissed. He waited, as the sun was passing down, remembering sore memories. He was back home, yet he didn’t feel at home, he felt lost. He started drinking black coffee and often went for walks to the lake, taking deep breaths, as the waves were reminding him of her gentleness. The room became darker after a moment, shadows lurked from the darkness. He started to notice that he missed her.

Something that was just a prayer and a silly crush became reality, and that something vanished after happening. He sat there, thinking, not a sound, waiting, enjoying the quiet. He finally decided to end his pain. He got up, made his way to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took a soda out. He drank as if he never drank before. “How could I forget the moment I said, “I love you”?” “There’s one thing that you become to like, after three months of living alone,” he used to say, “Pain is the one thing I’ve come to love, I don’t miss the feeling of being satisfied.” Black coffee tastes good after getting used to it’s bitterness. She has become a feeling. And he did not miss that feeling. Black coffee tastes good.

The End.

Thanks for reading ! I hope you enjoyed this touch of nostalgia. I featured my brothers pictures from Slovakia because he is both an amazing artist and they all represent something nostalgic to me.

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Author of “Up in the Air: Christianity, Atheism & the Global Problems of the 21st Century” on AMAZON | Exploring Ethical Living | IG: jakub.ferencik.official

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