Is Western Society Patriarchal and Oppressive Against Women?

Exploring the frameworks that surround oppression in culture and how to overcome them.

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One of the most essential feminist matters, as far as feminist philosophers are concerned, is conceptual one, that is the matter regarding to how one conceives such major philosophical theories in a concept of reason and rationality, and what it means to be an individual.

In order to do this, feminist philosophers discern between these three theories:

“Value-Hierarchical Thinking”

The first one is “value hierarchical thinking,” which places higher value on status, those that are at the top, rather than on the bottom of the social dominance hierarchy.

Men tend to be in places of power much more often than women, due to a number of reasons. These include biological and personal reasons. That does not mean that we should not see women at the top, it simply means that historically speaking women have not yet had the time to pursue their own ambitions in the same way as men.

As women are becoming more literate and equipped we will be seeing many more of them in positions of power over men. I look forward to that day. Having mother-figures as CEOs will be very rewarding for society, I suppose.

“Value Dualism”

The second is, “value dualism,” the view that the sexes are oppositional rather than complementary and entirely exclusive of one another.

This view suggest that women are created for one action, while men are for another. There may be some cultural and evolutionary truth in this.

That does not mean, however, that it cannot change or should not change. It definitely must change as culture changes and as we adapt to our surroundings better.

The “Logic of Domination”

The last structure that is being discussed, is the structure which subdues women by justifying that women are meant to be sacrificial in culture. That means that they put their careers on the line, while men are able to pursue their own dreams.

One does not need to think for long to see why this view is problematic and in the end deeply oppressive.

This structure involves a complex ethical system that permits acts of violence and subordination against women.

The problem is that value-hierarchical thinking and value dualisms are not only common in society, but are used to justify oppression and subordinate others. This is the nature of oppressive conceptual frameworks. As human beings we MUST challenge these opinions.

Male Privilege is real. Maybe not to the extent that it once was, however. Yet still, it is prevalent and can be seen.

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This is something that neither the alt-right nor “regressive” left recognize to be true. The alt-right does not recognize this oppressive movement, some would even dismiss the sins of our forefathers against women as an uneducated ‘guess’. The regressive left, on the other hand, will blame all men for this systemic oppression in society. Neither are right.

What needs to be recognized is that individuals should be taken as they are — as individuals. Men should not be treated better because they are men.

Similarly, women should not be given jobs that better qualified individuals should have. That is discrimination.

I understand wanting to give women a voice. That is essential and important, as is clearly expressed throughout this blog post. If, for example, I am listening to a Q&A and only men ask questions to the speakers, I think that it would be great if some women were permitted to skip the line and offer questions instead of the men, to provide some diversity.

It is not that men ask the same questions, it is just that women need to be encouraged to think and be used to being represented. My opinion is that they are currently underrepresented (depending on the field of course). That is mainly due to reasons I have already expressed.

The issue is not black & white and my stance on this will definitely change. I will most likely become more liberal on this than I am.

I urge people to avoid Ad Hominem and Bandwagon arguments. Avoid vocalizing slurs at the opposing opinion. Few of us can actually change our opinion the moment it is being challenged. It will usually require further evidence, an open perspective, and a willingness to listen.

It is our job as rational human beings to analyze the data and theories that are present as to what the problem is and what solutions are applicable to those problems.

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