I appreciate the article.

Still, I find this idea that God’s commandments are not literal, or artistic, as slightly wishful.

I don’t know if there’s any credible way of arguing for its case, apart from arguing that certain passages in the Bible are poetic. In those cases, I agree — the commandments could be poetic. But I can’t think of any good example of this.

Genesis 1, the Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Jesus’ parables, maybe Revelations could be portrayals of reality through art. Some even say that Jesus’ death & resurrection is a mere artistic picture of God’s love.

The evidence in support of that is just that it’s possible, so it’s probable. I am slow to agree with such conclusions, for reasons you probably agree with.

Either way, I have gotten the book you recommended from the library. So I will get to it asap.

Good article!

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