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I believe that Christianity has good to offer. But 90% of it is toxic. Same as with Atheism and with any other major system. People don’t know how to think as a collective. People are individuals and thus it is hard to have a working thinking system that reflects the original ideology well. Atheism has good to offer, but a large majority of it is also toxic. The problem is vast. With that being said I continue with the topic of the day: Hugh Hefner’s death and the legacy he left behind.

The CEO of the porn industry: Hugh Hefner. Accused of abuse, obviously sexually exploitative and no doubt a hedonistic man. He lived a luxurious lifestyle not caring about the damage his industry has or will do, especially in third world countries. His work broke up marriages and caused anguish all around the modern world. But that’s not everyone’s story. It is not as black and white as it seems. Christians portray this to be as black and white as humanly possible, since all sexual activity outside of marriage is sin, a lot of it must be a lot of sin.

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Hugh Hefner

I stumbled across a series of comments on this topic under an article by DesiringGod, founded by John Piper. I am normally not against John Piper. I think that if you are a Christian, you have to be something like John. You have to be crazy. And it’s okay. You’ve chosen to be that. But don’t try to be hip and modern, whilst implementing garbage moral codes from Israel, many of which can’t apply to us anymore.

This was the comment that triggered the chain of responses. Enjoy. I added my own personal responses to it and I did not edit or correct the grammar of the original comments.


Hefner wasn’t the only one who became rich and objectified women. If anyone reading this supports Donald Trump and thinks he is fit to occupy the office of the president of the United States and also decries Hefner’s lifestyle, well, I don’t know what to say to you. If you support Trump and revile Hefner, you are delusional.

(REMINDER: I kept the responses in the same grammar and form)

Comment #1:

Any man can have a change of heart. HES NOT POSING NOW for mens magazine is he? How about hillary, still trying to shove planned parenthood down your throats. Killing millions of unborn. Well. This is not the battle of whos has the biggest sin, beacuse that doesnt matter. What mattered is who God chose to put in office and his plans for America and the rest of the world.

  • Is it being too harsh saying that this is ignorance at the highest level? “What mattered is who God chose to put in office and his plans for America and the rest of the world.” What plans? Look at the last 6,000 years. Did he plan for the pyramids to be built? Did he plan for wars between empires on both sides of Mesopotamia? Did he plan for Confucian philosophy? Did he plan for the dominance of the Roman Empire and the upbringing of Spartans and Stoics in Greece? Did he plan for Spartacus’ revolution and subsequent massacre? Did he plan for Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle to develop a better moral code than Jesus himself? Did he plan for Nero or Seneca? Did he plan for the Roman-Catholic church to be the dominant militaristic force for a thousand years? Did he plan for the Mongolian tribes to get as far as Europe and pillage, destroy as they went? Did he plan for Immanuel Kant, Rene Descartes, Voltaire, and Nietzsche? Was Charles Darwin in his books? Did he plan for the industrial revolution? Did he plan for Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla? And hence for the Nuclear bomb? Did he plan for the first world war in which millions of people were killed or for Communism to arise in China, Russia, Cuba, Korea, … to kill 100 million people in 100 years? Was that in his plan? Did he plan the Holocaust, which killed 6 million people? Did he plan for Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Bertrand Russell, Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, and James Joyce to see through his so called omnipotence? Bless their hearts for being vocal against God.
  • There is no plan for the world my friends and readers. I have seen people celebrate Donald Trump, saying that “at least” he held his hand on the sacred word of God at the Inauguration, thinking that this act would somehow justify his presidency and make him seem right in God’s eyes. It has to be ignorance to think in these terms.

Comment #2:

No Cyrene, but he’s on audio from just a couple years back glorifying and bragging about sexual assault. If you think he had some kind of salvation moment, you’ve lost your mind.

  • Here this commentator is speaking about Hugh Hefner. What a waste. Who cares if there is a salvation moment? And why are you so bitter against the possibility of him having it? What has happened in your life that you have so little room for grace and still call yourself a Christian?

Comment #3:

I’m going to step into this thread just to suggest we remember to be kind to each other while disagreeing. The world does watch us.

  • HEY GUYS! Watch out! Outsiders are looking at these comments. That is the only reason we should behave well.


As a Christian conservative I would certainly prefer a man of higher moral character and testimony than Donald Trump. That said, I’ll take the 2017 Donald Trump over putting the most corrupt political couple in modern American history back in the White House, in a skinny minute. Somehow I suspect you didn’t have a problem with Bill and the numerous peccadilloes throughout his life, including the insemination of an intern’s dress in the Oval Office. When Trump does something like that as the POTUS, let me know. Until then just spare me your phony baloney hypocritical outrage.

As for the actual topic you’re trolling here — there’s no denying that Hefner’s work paved the way for the acceptance and proliferation of pornography in our society. If you really believe that porn and the erosion of morality it causes hasn’t had a profoundly negative impact on our culture, I pity any son relying on you to raise him.

  • Higher moral character? Who? What moral character are you even talking about? Who cares about the man’s personal life. We care about results. I don’t care that Bertrand Russell had affairs. I care that he wrote and studied and changed lives. I honestly don’t give a sh*t about whether Ernest Hemingway was a pleasant man to be with in person. He was a bloody good writer.
  • The most corrupt political couple in modern American history? Maybe because there are not that many couples to think of apart from the Kennedys. Who are you comparing this to? US presidents have started wars (The Vietnam War, North Korean War, Middle-Eastern War), killing millions.
  • Porn has had a negative influence on our society. But so has everything else. People haven’t just started being sexual. They were sexual in the Roman times, Greek times, Medieval times, in Ancient Japan and China, in the 20th century and now. I pity your son that you are raising him in such a toxic Christian environment that has little room for rational inquiry.
  • I try to keep this as unemotional as possible. It may come across differently. This is not my intention.


I was glad to read this man died, for all of the obvious reasons. But the Lord confronted me immediately, as he has before. “I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked” says the Lord (Ezekiel 33:11). What an incredible God, that he takes no pleasure in judgment! Let us be the same; hating sin, but striving to love the darkest sinners, for such were we, and would be subject to the same judgment, were it not for the blood of Jesus Christ.

Personal Thoughts

I do not know where to begin. I keep saying this. The biggest reason I can not return to being a Christian is because people like this are the majority of the Christian faith. Overreaction? No. People like this are the majority of the Christian faith. It’s simple. It’s obvious. You see it everywhere. You see it coming from Bethel Church (where people celebrate speaking in tongue and the fire tunnel, where everyone is shouting around like lunatics), you see it coming from Mars Hill (in Seattle, think Mark Driscoll), you see it coming from Rick Warren (Saddleback church), you see it coming from John Piper and Matt Chandler (Bethlehem and Village Church). It’s everywhere. You see it coming from the Evangelical church in America, Roman-Catholic church in Italy, Presbyterian churches in England. Pentecostal churches in Africa and China. It’s everywhere. And it is sickening.

Christianity needs a reformation. A reformation that involves LOVE, logic, and clarity of thought. Eric Metaxas (New York Times best-selling author and Christian public figure) supports Donald Trump. Wayne Grudem (main editor of the ESV Bible) voted for Donald Trump. What age have we come to when Christians voted for a purely ignorant force just because of so called ‘evil’ on the other side. What evil? Fraud? Or being sexually impure? Potentially starting wars? What have we come to and how long will we continue living in this delusion that assumes that some are pure and others are not. Everyone is impure. Yet some are fit to rationally think and some are not. It is as simple as that.

Christians need to stop judging moral character and start acting on their own moral characters. Do the good that you were called to do and stop trying to save people. It is God’s job to save, your job is to plant the seeds. Your job is to love and speak the truth in love and in desperate care for your neighbor. Your job is to be an example to culture.

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