How to Debate Well on Twitter


Confirmation Bias

This blog post will elaborate on the “Confirmation Bias” that many of you may be familiar with. This narrative suggests that we are all unreliable because we naturally are inclined to agree with our own opinions and not with those of others.

Performative condemnation wrapped in soundbites reigns supreme in the attention economy.

How to Argument Well?

They further quote from the theorist Anatol Rapoport, who suggested “two essential and universally applicable steps” in order to engage in “honest and constructive discussion.”

Straw-manning an Argument

If you want to successfully challenge an opposing position, it is not enough to attack a variation of a real idea. Arguments are what should be on trial — not arguments — as is pointed out in the article.


Before you go…

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Jakub Ferencik

Jakub Ferencik


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