You have set your bar very high, my friend!

With stating, that these thinkers do not have “valid points” you are suggesting that there is indeed nothing that they can get correct.

Whether that is pertaining to basic economics, ethical issues, basic intuitions that are fairly consistent (such as not killing your mother or brother) across cultures, and so forth.

It’s definitely not your job to “teach” me. It is also not your job to be balanced and a careful thinker.

That is on your willingness which arguably is also not of your own volition.

Nonetheless, you will have a difficult time living life if you think someone like Rogan (who has never voted Republican in his life) and who has publicly endorsed a Socialist Democrat, Bernie Sanders, is “not a liberal”.

I mean, in many ways, you would then have to define what you think by “liberal”. Would you suggest that John Stuart Mill is or is not a liberal? Furthermore, would you say that someone like Bill Clinton during his presidency was not a liberal? You do know that socially liberal values today (such as the legalization of homosexuality) were not a trademark of the Democratic party still in 2008, right? (with both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton being steadfastly against). Only until relatively recently, have they showed their support.

Next time you make accusations. Please, show me what your view is, because I really do not have much to go off of here.

Kind regards,

Author of “Up in the Air: Christianity, Atheism & the Global Problems of the 21st Century” on AMAZON | Exploring Ethical Living | IG: jakub.ferencik.official

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