Choosing the Most Altruistic Career Path

William MacAskill is one of the most important moral philosophers of our time. Currently, MacAskill is a research fellow at the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford. He is mainly known for founding two meta-charities, 80,000 Hours & Giving What We Can. Along with Princeton University professor, Peter Singer, he is known to have popularised Effective Altruism, which promotes an effective work ethic or choice in a career path in order to do the most good.

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  1. How this job sets you up to have a bigger impact in life.
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3 Further Things to Consider in Choosing a Job:

  1. How this job contributes to your career capital (your skills, the job as a credential).
  2. How this job keeps your doors open.
  3. How much you are learning in the course of that job (what the world needs).


MacAskill then goes on to talk about particular career options that may help you do good. Entrepreneurs, for example, are currently seen as thought leaders. Think about the influence of Gary Vaynerchuk or Seth Godin, among many others.


Research is another area that is very influential in policy influence. Scientists and innovators are undersupplied by both the market & government.

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