As someone who does not live in his hometown and has traveled a fair amount, I think that social media has saved dozens of my relationships.

Keeping in touch with friends is a true joy.

A good question to pose, is what are we doing with our social media presence. I have been making an increasing effort to simply post things related to my art (music) and about the books that I’m reading. That is, I only post things that I think will add value to my friends on Social Media.

I avoid things like: “check out how much fun I’m having with my friends,” or “look at this car I just bought,” or “check out how busy I am.”

It is a good thing to pose the question to yourself: how much good am I actually doing by being on Social Media.

Have you deleted your Facebook account or do you still have it?

And by the way, I’d love to discuss screen-writing with you one day. Do you have an email that I can contact you on?

Very thought-provoking article!

Author of “Up in the Air: Christianity, Atheism & the Global Problems of the 21st Century” on AMAZON | Exploring Ethical Living | IG: jakub.ferencik.official

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