Anarcha-Feminism: Brief Thoughts

The aim of anarcha-feminism is, from the way I understand it, to dispose of patriarchal hierarchies by decentralizing authority and replacing it with minorities (in this case, women). That is the crux of it. Upon reading the readings on anarcha-feminism and relating them to my essay on the topic, I was thinking about whether decentralizing power relates to personal relationships. The idea of the “Alpha male” has prevailed from our understanding of primates to our understanding of our own personal lives.

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I have not found myself around social circles that take the concept of alpha males seriously, to be honest. Thus, I can not completely relate. I have seen, however, from other social circles, that men tend to follow each other around and I have never really understood why. It must have been because of some primal need for comradery encouraging a group mentality at an early age. I can not see myself following someone blindly (maybe, just maybe, I’m biased). I have disagreements with intellectuals that I mostly agree with and my political parties are far from perfect.

I see immense utility in decentralizing power, as the anarchists would have us do. I can not really imagine such a government forming place in the major democracies of the world but I flatter the idea. The Labour Party, perhaps, in the UK led by Jeremy Corbyn could resemble something of this sort. Although, there are surely problems there as well.

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Some brief thoughts for you. Let me know what you think in the comments or by reaching out to me on social media!

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