A Collection of Thoughts: On Morality & Religion

I wanted to collect all my blogs on particular topics that I have written about.

Mainly so that I can reference it very easily. And I will be editing it as I go, adding on more blogs that are referencing the title matter. In this case that will be On Morality & Religion.

You can read as you wish.

The argument that I am trying to debunk in these blog posts is: Is it really the case that if we did not have Religion, we would have moral chaos and debauchery?

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The Spanish Inquisition. pinterest.com

I hope this clarified some of my views on the topic of Morality & Religion.

If you have any questions or want to contribute to the discussion in any way, feel free to comment or contact me on Social Media.

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keep reflecting.

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Author of “Up in the Air: Christianity, Atheism & the Global Problems of the 21st Century” on AMAZON | Exploring Ethical Living | IG: jakub.ferencik.official

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