5 Things I’m Obsessing Over — and You Should Too — This Week (pt. 3)

7th January 2018 — 14th January 2018

This is a series of 5 of the most interesting things I’ve been obsessing over the past week.

I am in love with this picture that my brother took. Find him on Instagram @davidferencik

1. I Found an Incredible Political Blogger

Timi Olotu(follow him), writes very from a political tone that is similar to mine.

2. Malcolm X’s Autobiography

I have started reading Malcolm X’s autobiography. The beginning is a little bit slow — but that’s probably just because of my expectations. He did however go through more in his early teens than most of me and my acquaintances in our lifetimes. The book is very important.

3. NY Times Article: ‘Oprah, Don’t Do It’

This is THE best article I’ve read this week. I read it about three times. I shared it twice on Instagram (which you can find me on! @jakubferencik). I really think everyone should give it a quick read. It is very important.


Oprah (above) was at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday Night and received the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement.

Governing is something else entirely from campaigning. — Thomas Chatterton Williams

That Ms. Winfrey could probably beat those considered likely front-runners — Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand — is testament to how demoralized and devoid of fresh political talent the post-Obama party has become.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk — Last Video to Watch in 2017

I did not originally watch towards the end of last year. I just listened to it yesterday, but since then I’ve put it on at least 3 times.


5. 80,000 Hours — The Website

Peter Singer has introduced the idea of “Effective Altruism” to me. Through books like The Most Good You Can Do; Famine, Affluence, & Morality, and Ethics in the Real World he stresses the crucial importance of giving money and giving it well.

We Can Use Science to End Poverty Faster. But How Much do Governments Listen to it?

How An Economic PhD might be the best graduate program possible.

Which Skills Make You Most Employable?

Is Solving Factory Factoring Problems the Absolute Best Use of Your Time?

By the way — AWESOME ARTICLE! Just booming with in depth research and insight on the problem. It is probably the only article you need to read about animal cruelty. It touches on everything and has links to all sorts of studies, blogs, and experts.

Health in Poor Countries

Why is It Pressing?

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