30 Days Without Sugar, How I did It — The Process of Success

I made a bet. $100 if you don’t go without eating sugar for the month of August.

Day 1

I have just started this challenge. Today I am not feeling any crave for sugar to be honest. In the morning I was pretty tired but I just had coffee and started feeling very good.

I saw a chocolate bar and for a quick second I had the temptation to have a couple of chocolates. I thought about the $100 that I give to my competitor if I eat it. I made myself some tea instead.

For some reason I was very tired today. Could it be the lack of sugar? But then I had some food and some tea and I felt a lot more energized.

Day 2

I am still tired and it has been 3 hours since I have gotten up. I don’t know what it is. I am so painfully tired and I have slept an appropriate amount. Plus I have napped yesterday and the day before. I do not understand.

I was tired all day. It’s misty around my mind.

(As I look back and edit, I have to say that I was tired from the start because I rapidly cut back on my sugar intake.)

Day 3

I felt a lot of energy after having some very good food, mainly vegetables, chicken, and nuts today. Made sure to eat plenty of bananas today and yesterday.

I was also very tempted to have some cookies later on in the evening as I was growing more hungry. I also started limiting coffee to two cups a day. I think that could be the reason I started being so tired.

Day 4

I had a lot to eat today. A lot of salad. A lot of watermelon. I had some coffee as well and I feel very good. I had chicken as well. Feeling great thus far. Just day 4 for now. I haven’t been eating gluten a lot either and I’ll try to implement that more sincerely in my diet.

The temptation was incredible. Cookies, chocolates, muffins, all on the table. Beer and wine on the bar. Every friend drinking, every man indulging. I had my diet Pepsi. It has been a long time since I have not been drunk when everyone else was.

Day 5

Once again — the temptation. I was so tempted to eat the treats that were at the cafe. But somehow I managed to get it behind me. I mainly ate eggs to get it out of my system also alot of watermelon juice and almond milk steamed with espresso. Somehow I wasn’t too hungry today.

I got in a 20 minute run as well, including a quick work out. I am about to go to another social gathering where there will be beer. I hope I’ll manage. I’ll have to get diet Pepsi again.

Day 6 to 8

I ran for 20 minutes on Friday morning. It was great. Runs keep me energized as well I find.

I had to say no to alcohol a lot over the weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then again on Monday. But I said no. I had to say no to timbits on Saturday. No to pancakes on Monday. No to A&W on Sunday.

It doesn’t seem like that difficult a task until you keep having to say no to things that seem so common to your everyday life. Like having a drink with some buds. But I continue and keep going.

I am starting to feel a lot more energy all around. I am becoming a lot more productive.

Day 9

It’s hard to say no to sugar when you are not with your competitor. It is now even more difficult when she is there with you and you are discussing at the table whether we can both have a cheat day for the day. I said no. But it was difficult. And so we drank water instead.

Day 10 -12

It’s difficult every day. But it is also getting easier in ways. The temptation is still there when I walk by a cinnamon bun store in the mall, but I also know that I can get a super great thrilling smoothie at the store next door with avocado, protein, banana, peanut-butter (all that heavenly stuff). So I just do that instead. Similar with the cafe I work at. I just buy watermelon juice, instead of getting a scone, banana loaf, or blueberry pie (which are all fantastic).

Day 12–17

I had a sip of whiskey. I did not have the beef jerky that was ever so tempting. It wasn’t a substantial amount of whiskey. I did not come close to a buzz.

Day 18

I am starting to implement bulletproof coffee into my diet to get energy in the morning. I am not feeling specifically tired but there is something that I need to start doing in the morning to get on top of the day.

Day 18–29

I spent a month without eating sugar. And I’m going to make it a lifestyle now. I don’t desire sugar anymore — at all.

The reason why I stopped writing and documenting the last week or so is because it became that easy. I actually did not crave sugar almost at all. It was mainly alcohol. Tomorrow, the 30th, is the last day that we abstinate from sugar. I have told myself that I don’t want any sugar anymore. I prefer to eat clean.

Advice on How to do it Yourself

One of the things I implemented so that I’d keep to the goal is that I set up a punishment if I didn’t accomplish the goal. Itwas $100. And for the first 2 weeks, that was my biggest motivation.

After that, whenever I craved sugar, I just ate a healthy substitute. Sometimes it was a delicious banana, almond milk, organic peanut butter smoothie. At other times I ate a banana instead of beef jurkey.

The next big advice is to get up earlier than regular and meditate. It helped me tremendously to stay on track mentally. I would usually have a cup of tea, eggs and tomatoes, or other vegetables with my breakfast.

Do I Feel Better?

I think I do. For one, I feel better because of the food I eat. I am not easily full and hence I don’t feel the need to take naps mid day. I have not been sleeping well this past week and I had glutten. So there are a lot of different factors included which are hard to way in on.

The Future

That is why I’d like to try another month. This time, I’d like to include glutten in the diet. I will be having cheat days, however. I think I’ll only do glutten on those days. But what’s the point, is the question.

The reason I want to start living very healthy is to have a stable career and to be able to produce content on a continual basis.

I hope you enjoyed this, if so be sure to clap it up!

Until next time, keep reflecting.

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